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Gorgeous Geraniums

Well another busy week at Ty Glyn’s walled garden, lovely to see so many people enjoying the place including the visitors lucky enough to stay with us in our Disabled friendly accommodation.  Those walking around today will have seen the Geranium magnificum living upto it’s name with a glorious bee covered display.


This week we have continued to plant up our vegetable gardens and battle the weeds up on the terrace. We are hoping to do some more replanting on the terrace beds soon, removing the self seeded herbs such as lemon balm and marjoram and replacing them with more roses and exotic plants like Phormium (New Zealand Flax). Looking forward to having a great show here for our NGS (National gardens scheme) day in about 6 weeks time. We will be potting up even more plants so we should have a good range of plants from the garden on sale that day.


Hard Working HSBC

We were blessed with the glorious sunny afternoon we were dreaming of for our visit from HSBC volunteers to re-vamp a section of the terraced beds. Undaunted by the enormous weeds, which faced them, the 7 women soon got to grips with the task and  achieved a transformation Ground Force would be proud of.


Just visible behind the willowherb 6 of our volunteers.


Mulching with leafmould once cleared.


The plants are gathered together and Ros Laidlaw the Landscape Architect originally responsible for the reconstruction of the garden begins to lay them out ready for planting.


Once the plants are in their places everyone got stuck in to beautifying our newly cleared bed.


A drink of water to get them started from Judith and her team.


The finished bed, full of Agapanthus, Hemerocallis, Crocosmiia and some lovely shrubby Cistus (Rock Rose), Fuchsia, Genista (Broom) and another Prostranthera cuneata (New Zealand Mint Bush) to name a few. I will post more photos as the year progresses and we can watch this bed fill out and flower. Once again a big thankyou to the team at HSBC for their hard work!

A Helping Hand

We are all excited and busy here at the Ty Glyn Davis Trust’s walled garden anticipating a visit from a team of willing volunteers from our local HSBC bank. The volunteers will be working (weather permitting this weekend) on the old Strawberry bed up on the terrace aka the squirrel and vole feeding bed! The bed will need to be cleared of all weeds and unwanted plants, the soil improved and then replanted. Through donations we have assembled a collection of plants to replace the strawberries though we would welcome more plant donations. If we don’t think any donated plants will survive in our sometimes difficult conditions we will add them to our plant sales table to raise funds. Volunteers are more than welcome to get in touch too, our main volunteer day is currently Wednesday!


Plants and rhubarb for sale in the garden last week, including daylilies and the striking shuttlecock fern.

Half term Happiness

Another busy week in the garden I’ve nearly completed a complete weed of the walled portion and we have been busy gapping up and replanting even more of it. The pond has some lovely Hosta sieboldiana Elegans and the striking dark leafed Ageratina ‘Chocolate’ to contrast with the rest of the planting. The bed under the Walnut tree now has some Rosa Tuscany Superb and blue and white columbines to finish it off.

This week the garden has also played host to fun and games from people on holiday in the area including the longest games of hide and seek I have ever seen (so many places to hide!) and rolling down the grassy banking being as popular as ever.

Photo0048Geranium ‘Kashmir White’ looking stunning in the garden at the minute.

Summer here we come!

Photo0030 Here is the old Asparagus bed, which is with us no more and will now become a cut flower bed.  First cut flowers planted this week and more to follow!


Glorious Allium schubertii on the terrace accompanied with the rare Prostranthera cuneata in full bloom and smelling just as the New Zealand mint bush should!

A slightly damp week, but lovely to see the delight on the faces of our visitors taking advantage of the disabled access in the garden to explore amongst the beds.

Cut Flower Heaven

After a busy day in the Vegetable Garden, yesterday I have spent the morning ordering some extra seed for our forthcoming cut flower bed. The Vegetable and Herb gardens have always been run in the style of a Potager ie; with flowers and vegetable mixed together, but we will now be adding an extra bed just for cut flowers. The Asparagus, I am told, has always been sulky for us so we will be waving it bye bye and replacing it with rows of cut flowers. Most Victorian walled gardens contained cut flowers ‘for the big house’ and we hope to have one too and perhaps have bunches of home grown flowers for sale in the summer. We have already put in Cosmos and many more traditional flowers will follow. We currently have Rhubarb for sale and a selection of popular plants from the garden including the signature Rodgersia and Epimediums. Come down and see!


21st May 2014

So today’s progress in the garden with a lot of help from many volunteers (thankyou to them) includes replacing fencing, repairing the dam in the pond, spraying the paths to reduce the weeds (and weeding!) and a big planting blitz on the Vegetable Garden.

We hope to have all manner of vegetables this year including runner and french beans, asparagus peas, ruby chard, kale, carrots, leeks, kohl rabi.

We also planted some gorgeous jewel like dahlias for a ‘potager’ effect between our beautiful clumps of bronze fennel, can’t wait to see what they look like later in the summer!






Hello and welcome!

Just a short note to introduce myself, my name is Janine and I am the new gardener at Ty Glyn,

I will be posting regular updates on the work we do on the garden and the things I see there as well as photos for you to see and tempt you back for a visit.

At present we are replanting the gaps in the borders generally and the pond after it had to be cleared for dredging to take place. Our pond is a great place to be at the minute, teeming with baby frogs, newts, three different sorts of damselflies and I even glimpsed a Kingfisher one quiet morning!